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Woodlands Beach Road – 12/2/6 also known as Lot B43 on corner. Walk to Woodlands Beach. 0.3 of an acre which is 13.068 sq ft in size. Asking USD 45,000

OLVESTON: (north of Nantes River)

Lot 295, South Mayfield Estate Dr, ¼ acre – asking USD 45,000

Lot 277, Mayfield Valley View Road, 45 of an acre, part of it is quite steep, lovely ocean view, and of road cul-de-sac location, lower boundary borders national parklands surrounding Nantes River. Asking USD 29,500. (near Brandts)

Lots 482-487 on Runaway Circle Drive – totaling 2.4 acres overlooking parkland and with spectacular mountain and ocean views – this unique property is in a nice quiet residential area, subdivided into three contiguous plots measuring
.9 of an acre, .8 of an acre & .7 of an acre respectively – however the current owner wishes to sell it all at one time. Asking US$ 235,000 (across from Ann Marie Dewar)

Runaway Circle Drive – Lots 502, 503 and 505 to be sold together and totaling .94 of an acre – asking USD 90,000

Lot 302, Mayfield Dr, Asking USD 26,500. 0.3 of an acre (on rd to Aspin)

Lot 287, Mayfield Valley View Rd, asking USD 27,500 ¼ acre (Shakes – on the way to Brandt’s)

Lot 464, across from the Attic, 1/3 of an acre, asking USD 25,000

Lot 243, Olveston Estate Dr – next door to Watermelon Cottage – ¼ acre asking USD 25,000

OLVESTON South of Nantes River (Zone A)

Lot 243, Olveston Estate Dr – next door to Watermelon Cottage – ¼ acre asking USD 25,000

Lot 186A, Hibiscus Drive, .3 of an acre, USD 27,950. Three sides back up to national parklands. (before Sweeney)

Lot 116, Lime Kiln Beach Road, Asking USD 24,500. ¼ acre, corner Sweet Lime Lane

Isles Bay (Hill) Zone B

Parcels 23 = .6 acres and 24 = .5 acres for a total of 1.1 acres. This land starts after the villa named Sea Time and goes towards the beach. Asking USD 85,000 for the 2 parcels together.

Parcels 33 & 34 together asking USD 115,000 (house plans for this property are available too)

We also have villas for sale in Old Towne, Olveston and Woodlands, and many lovely homes to rent for your holiday on Montserrat. Come into our office on the Main Road or contact us by email, phone or fax.