[section_title heading=”h2″]Volcanic Voyage[/section_title]

Spend a week exploring the hidden gem of the Caribbean, Montserrat. Known as the Emerald Isle, this small island was knocked down by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, then again by a series of eruptions at the Soufriere Hills volcano beginning in 1995. Knocked down but not out, Montserrat is mounting a comeback and offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness devastation and recovery, side by side.

Visit the Volcano Observatory to view a history of the eruptions and the devastation they have wrought. The capital city of Plymouth, destroyed by an eruption in 1997, is available for tours with specific tour guides by land, and you can view this modern day Pompeii from a variety of vantage points on the island. The Buried City Tour is an experience you will never forget!

While the southern portion of the island remains buried in ash, the north blooms with color. Opportunities abound for hiking through lush rainforests and swimming in crystal clear waters teeming with life. Local guides will lead you on adventures through fields of heliconia to find the Montserrat Oriole and the Mountain Chicken, a nearly extinct species of frog found only in Montserrat & Dominica. Kayak tours along the Leeward Coast of Montserrat provide ample opportunities for snorkeling on secluded beaches and exploration of our world famous bat cave, home of the endangered fruit bat. A trip to another nearby extinct volcanic island for hiking or diving completes your experience.

After a full day of exploration, relax in the privacy of your own vacation villa, perched atop the hills overlooking the volcano and the Caribbean Sea. Tradewinds Real Estate will ensure that you have everything you need to make your villa experience a pleasure!

The villas are fully furnished and equipped, so just bring your suitcase. Each villa has a full kitchen for the gourmet in you – or not!!! There is Cable TV with over 100 stations including CNN & BBC, high speed internet for your laptop, CD and DVD players (so bring your favorite music & movies if you wish). Delight in the private fresh water swimming pool, and catch some rays while drinking a refreshing ice tea or rum punch. Sunsets are amazing, and yes, you might even see the elusive Green Flash. As night approaches, watch the fire flies dancing in the air preparing you for a star-studded sky.

Villas are located near restaurants and the grocery store is only a 5 minute drive. Walk down to the beach and talk to the fishermen as they pull in their morning catch. Pick mangoes and limes off the trees in your garden. Enjoy Montserrat activities to the fullest, or just relax!

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